100% Natural!

Do you know that All ingredients are 100% Natural  and without preservatives? That’s right, taste one, taste the difference!


  1. If you want to try a different sauce, you must try this. Thank Romero’s!!!!
    3:28 pm on June 14, 2014

  2. roberta and ward upson

    We have purchased this salsa at the Vancouver market . It is so good we go back to the market just to get more of it. YUM!

  3. The best salsa my husband and I have tried! We will now be buying every weekend from the market considering it only lasted two days in our house. Yumm, thank you!

  4. Absolutely love all of the salsas, but pico is my all time favorite! I always get them at Markets!

  5. I bought this at New Season’s. I like it so much that I went to the website on the container, while eating said salsa, and typed this review. Its delicious! I can’t stop eating it. Finally, a salsa that is not watered-down tomatoes and onions. This has peppers in it, delicious, delicious peppers. If you are reading this, you probably won’t like this salsa, so its probably best that you just save it all for me! Keep up the good work. I will look for, and buy, anything bearing the Romero’s trademark. More, more, more!

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