Fresh ingredients!

Fresh ingredients from Mother Nature. Bold flavor from Mexico. Convenience from Salsa Sensations.


  1. I never imagined how different it is something fresh and natural. I recommend it!!!!

  2. I bought a tub of Romero’s green chili salsa from Portland Fruit and my wife and I agree this is the best salsa we have ever tasted!

  3. We bought our first product at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. We ABSOLUTELY love it! It’s delicious and taste like homemade (maybe it is?). We put it on tacos, burritos, and for just plain dip. I like their idea of adding it to other dishes like rice too. We’ll be making a special trip this weekend to get more. Hopefully it’s freezer friendly and we can stock up. Just a matter of time until this family run business gets to the point where they attract the attention of corporate US and get bought up. Buy now while it’s still fresh ingredients and awesome (we (my wife and I) have absolutely nothing to do with this business. We just appreciate a good product when I find one).

  4. Es verdad que lo fresco es lo fresco. Siento la diferencia con esta salsa y ademas nada de preservantes. Gracias Romero’s por hacer esto por nosotros!!!!!

  5. We were visiting Astoria market and tried a few of his salsas and guacamole. Amazing taste and fresh. I write this while I’m sitting here eating it. Great taste and I’m glad I had an opportunity to get a few containers. Delish!

  6. As a Salsafficinado, Romero’s Salsa is the best local salsa company in the Portland Area. I highly recommend picking up the Medium Chunky Salsa ( my favorite) from the store ( I found it at New Seasons) or if you have the chance to visit the Vancouver Farmers market, stop by their booth and pick up their exclusive Mango Salsa.
    * I recently tried their Hot Sauce with Pineapple and it has instantly become my favorite.

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